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Save Lives By Fostering A Pet

So, you think you’d like to add a cat or dog to your home, but you just can’t make a lifelong commitment?  Why not open your home to a foster pup or kitty?  Foster homes are the lifeblood of the no-kill, shelter community.  Fostering a pet will allow the no-kill shelters to help another animal, […]

Kennel Cough Is Very Contagious

  Our friend’s pup, Kooks has contracted kennel cough from a local dog park. Poor Kooks, we know how much she likes to play. Unfortunately, this is a common illness due to the fact that kennel cough is a highly contagious form of bronchitis, that dogs can pick up easily from merely greeting another infected […]

Join The Movement To Help Feral Cats: National Feral Cat Day is October 16th

Alley Cat Allies created National Feral Cat Day® a decade ago to promote humane care for feral cats. Their efforts to share information and educate others on the importance of Trap-Neuter-Return have been supported year after year by caring individuals and groups–in tiny towns, in big cities, and in places in between! Last year advocates […]

Three Great Vets Who Blog

Keeping up to date with the latest information about pet issues, health, food and recalls is not easy. There’s a mountain of information and our time is always short. Which is why it helps when veterinary professionals take the time to write blogs.  The format allows for a quick hit of the important stuff, straight […]

Downward Dog? Not Exactly

Practitioners of the ancient art of yoga know well the beginner’s pose called downward dog.  It’s an all-fours pose that’s used as a starting point to much more limber poses. It’s a key part of yoga to not only work on physical health, but mental relaxation as well.  Yoga is taught as a form of […]

Now Available: The Cat Umbrella

Now available at the Walkies Store: The Cat Walking Stick Umbrella.  Because let’s face facts: most cats do hate to get wet.  And when it comes to rain protection, I’d bet a dollar that most cat lovers don’t like to get wet, either. There are exceptions, but most of us not living in landmark 1950s […]

In Honor Of Morty: Pug Calendar For 2013!

We firmly believe that viewing at least one Pug a day will keep the blahs away.  So, in honor of our adorable client Morty we’d like to offer you the Pug Wall Calendar for 2013 Everyone has their special medicine, so if you prefer Bulldogs or cats for the cure, take a peek at our […]

Why Are Cat Claws So Special?

Over the last week I have met a few people who think it’s okay to de-claw their cats.  Well, folks it’s a time to explore why cat claws are so necessary to our fuzzy friends. Chicago Cat Rescue just posted an extensive post about the meaning and importance of claws.  Read and learn! “Cats claws […]

I Am Done Scooping Poop!

Well, I’m doing it and you can’t stop me.  My next household purchase is the Cat Genie

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