Biggest Reason Cats Are Surrendered To Shelters?

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The biggest reason for an owner to surrender a cat to a shelter is not a child developing allergies, their home situation changing, new boyfriend/girlfriend doesn’t like animals, economic troubles, it’s my cat is missing the litter box.  Most times this is a problem that can be corrected.  Typically, it’s because your  cat is having a health problem not a behavioral problem.

We took in a stray cat who we called Shane.  We named him Shane because he had broken teeth and a lot of battle scars, so he reminded us of English/Irish musician Shane MacGowan.  Shane was very rough around the edges, but after a couple of weeks he stopped marking his territory in the four corners of our house (thank you Feliway!) and began to groom himself to look like a nice big house cat.

A lot of progress was made, but about a month into our life together Shane started to relieve himself in strange places.  One day I walked into my office to find cat droppings on my desk, yes ON MY DESK!  We also caught him and stopped him from trying to urinate down a floor vent.  AHHHH!  Well, needless to say my roommate was not thrilled with this new habit, so he threatened to take Shane to the city shelter, unless we could figure out why he was acting this way.  So, I did some research by calling our vet, calling friends with cats and searched the internet for clues.  As it turns out, Shane had a urinary tract infection that was making him shy away from the litter box.  He associated the litter box with pain, so naturally he didn’t want to use it.  A quick trip to the vet, some medication and in a few days Shane was back to using his box.  We had 5 more problem free years with Shane before he succumbed to the damage that living on the street did to his body.

Here is some advice from noted vet and blogger, Dr. Karen Becker.  Hopefully, you will be able to help your cat maintain their permanent status in your home or in a friend’s home based on her advice.

Homes with more than one cat may also want to consider that you have a bully in your brood, who is causing your other cats to act out and not use their litter box.  Consider some of this advice to evaluate your situation.

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