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Please Book Your Pet Care ASAP For The Holidays

Our pet sitting services are on a first come first served basis especially around the holidays. We’d love to care for all of your animal companions this holiday season. Please contact us ASAP to book your care.

Build A Birdhouse Or Bird Feeder

Meet Andy. Since 2004, he’s been running FreeBirdHousePlans.Net, a site that unsurprisingly contains construction plans for bird houses and bird feeders.  I came across his site when looking for plans to build some bird houses at the South Side park I volunteer at.  If I’m lucky, I can get the woodshop at the Park District […]

Puppy 1, Hawk 0

I don’t really want to take sides in nature’s food chain; in the animal kingdom, everybody’s gotta eat.  That includes the creatures we don’t normally think of as pets or personal friends.  It’s a big and dangerous world out there — which is one reason we care so lovingly for our pets. Yet somehow, all […]

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