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Yes, You Can Trim Your Cat’s Claws

I am asked quite a bit about how to trim cat’s claws.  The trick is developing enough trust between you and your cat and respecting the cat’s comfort level.  Here are a couple of good videos that will help you get accustomed to the method and show you that it is possible to clip your […]

Now Available: The Cat Umbrella

Now available at the Walkies Store: The Cat Walking Stick Umbrella.  Because let’s face facts: most cats do hate to get wet.  And when it comes to rain protection, I’d bet a dollar that most cat lovers don’t like to get wet, either. There are exceptions, but most of us not living in landmark 1950s […]

I Am Done Scooping Poop!

Well, I’m doing it and you can’t stop me.  My next household purchase is the Cat Genie

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