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Red Cross Releases New Pet First Aid App

Ever wish that you had instant access to your vet? Well now you do. The American Red Cross has just released its new pet first aid app. You will find it on Google Play or iTunes for 99 cents.

Please Book Your Pet Care ASAP For The Holidays

Our pet sitting services are on a first come first served basis especially around the holidays. We’d love to care for all of your animal companions this holiday season. Please contact us ASAP to book your care.

October is Adopt a Shelter Pet Month

Did you know that October is adopt a shelter pet month?  Why not go find a friend or two to keep you warm this winter? Walkies supports adopting animals from all types of shelters, stray pets or partially feral animals.  We believe in spreading the word about the need for a no kill nation through […]

Save Lives By Fostering A Pet

So, you think you’d like to add a cat or dog to your home, but you just can’t make a lifelong commitment?  Why not open your home to a foster pup or kitty?  Foster homes are the lifeblood of the no-kill, shelter community.  Fostering a pet will allow the no-kill shelters to help another animal, […]

Kennel Cough Is Very Contagious

  Our friend’s pup, Kooks has contracted kennel cough from a local dog park. Poor Kooks, we know how much she likes to play. Unfortunately, this is a common illness due to the fact that kennel cough is a highly contagious form of bronchitis, that dogs can pick up easily from merely greeting another infected […]

Downward Dog? Not Exactly

Practitioners of the ancient art of yoga know well the beginner’s pose called downward dog.  It’s an all-fours pose that’s used as a starting point to much more limber poses. It’s a key part of yoga to not only work on physical health, but mental relaxation as well.  Yoga is taught as a form of […]

In Honor Of Morty: Pug Calendar For 2013!

We firmly believe that viewing at least one Pug a day will keep the blahs away.  So, in honor of our adorable client Morty we’d like to offer you the Pug Wall Calendar for 2013 Everyone has their special medicine, so if you prefer Bulldogs or cats for the cure, take a peek at our […]

Mark & Jamie Buehrle Continue Their Shelter Pet Advocacy In Miami!

Sometime this week new billboards for will be revealed in the Miami area. Former White Sox starter and fan favorite, Mark Buehrle and his wife Jamie are staunch supporters of adopting shelter animals.  Jamie is such a supporter that she still sponsors care for some animals back in their former hometown of Chicago. Pictured […]

Maureen Completes The American Red Cross First Aid Training!

On July 12, 2012 our owner, Maureen completed the American Red Cross first aid training at the Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago.  The class was taught by the extremely knowledgeable Tammie Bouschor, who is a community outreach coordinator and animal welfare advocate for the Anti-Cruelty Society. Some of the things Maureen learned include: -Management of urgent […]

Yoga Dogs 2013 Wall Calendar

Yoga Dogs 2013 Wall Calendar This wall calendar gives new meaning to "Downward Facing Dog". The Yoga Puppies 2013 calendar hosts a year full of images showing popular dog breeds positioned in classic yoga postures with the help of digital technology. These reworked puppy portraits will bend your mind and delight you. You Buy

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