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Yes, We Will Take Care of Your Porcupine If He Acts Like This

Stinkers the porcupine was rescued by humans and now believes that he’s a dog.

Downward Dog? Not Exactly

Practitioners of the ancient art of yoga know well the beginner’s pose called downward dog.  It’s an all-fours pose that’s used as a starting point to much more limber poses. It’s a key part of yoga to not only work on physical health, but mental relaxation as well.  Yoga is taught as a form of […]

Mac OSX Maru: Power Right Out Of The Box

Obviously we love cats.  And we’re huge fans of Japan’s favorite internet feline, Maru.  But it might not be obvious that we are also Mac nerds.  The Walkies site and store are served using Linux running WordPress, but it’s with Mac that we do the rest of the stuff. To commemorate the release of a […]

Former Animal Care And Control Commissioner Declares Love For Sir Mix-A-Lot, Dogs

Former Chicago Commissioner of Animal Care and Control Cherie Travis shared this awesome pic on Facebook today, which suggests the 1992 rap classic “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot is on her playlist. Commissioner Confusion? While this is a neat thing to share, it has raised some questions.  The Facebook page today states that Ms. Travis is the […]

Cody The Howling Dog

Wherein Cody, a part-Maltese (I think?), lets loose with a howl that downright creepily resembles the sound I made when I saw “Jersey Shore” for the first time.

10 Awesome Songs About Cats

              If there are two things the internet likes, it’s cats and lists.  A list concerning cats? A playlist of ten awesome songs about cats?  Look out.  This is going to be big. 1. All Cats Are Grey  - The Cure This foggy, splashy, dirge-y little number, originally on […]

Hi, You May Remember Me From The Alphabet

We were thinking about it the other day.  We’ve sat cats, dogs, finches, parakeets, ferrets, fresh and saltwater fish, chameleons, pythons and even a sugar glider.  But never a zebra. There’s still time.

Cat Flag

Sure, the punk rock years are behind us, but the influence never fades. Famed Los Angeles punk band Black Flag may not have directly had a hand in this t-shirt, but that makes it no less awesome.  Pick up one of these over at Etsy.

How We Got Our Name

Just in case you were wondering why we chose the name Walkies, Inc… The dictionary definition says it pretty well – walkies is the “action of taking a dog for a walk”.  But it’s true that in Chicago – as well as the greater US – that term is not as popular as it is […]

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