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Mr. J. Enjoying The Holiday

Special K Loves His Noms

A very chatty kittyman met me at his door today!  NOM!

Client Spotlight: Meet Morty (aka Mortgomery Clift)

Meet my friend, neighbor and client, Morty.  As you can see, he’s an adorable, year and half old pug. He loves to ride around the neighborhood in a basket on his person’s  bike.  Since he loves people so much, it’s only natural to take him to outdoor events,  and parks to play with other pups.  […]

Meet The Clientele: Mona

The report says Mona is a mature kitteh, who likes to talk a lot and loves affection. Which means we should get along fine because that description reminds me of me! Here’s Mona sizing me up upon my arrival. After checking me out, Mona registered approval by jumping on my lap and giving me a […]

Meet Willis: White Sox Fan

Willis, like all fans of quality Chicago baseball, made his choice early in life for the South Side and the 2005 World Champion White Sox.  His favorite Sox players are shortstop Alexei Ramirez and left-hand starting pitcher / Cy Young candidate Chris Sale.   It’s unclear if his preference has anything to do with the […]

Meet Chumley (And The Feather)

Cat toy addict Chumley (names changed to protect the innocent) would prefer to play with the feather all day.  His partner in crime, Jorge (pronounced: hor-hey) looks on in the background as if uninterested. Don’t let him fool you. Jorge may appear distant and uninvolved, but he will pounce without warning.  Why?  Because that feather’s […]

Meet Tacos

Many of our clientele enjoy attention.  Even the ones who don’t act like they do.  Because it’s possible that putting cat pictures on the internet could become popular one day (ahem), we figured we’d show off some of our happy customers. Name: Tacos Breed: Domestic shorthair Markings: Tabby Disposition: sweet and clownish Preferred Greeting: wiggle/flip […]

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