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Today is the 10th Anniversary of National Feral Cat Day!

Please remember our little feral friends on this their special day.  Alley Cat Allies established National Feral Cat Day 10 years ago to draw awareness to the plight of the feral cat.  Of course, it’s a good time to donate to ACA or other feral cat groups!  It’s also a good time to become more […]

October is Adopt a Shelter Pet Month

Did you know that October is adopt a shelter pet month?  Why not go find a friend or two to keep you warm this winter? Walkies supports adopting animals from all types of shelters, stray pets or partially feral animals.  We believe in spreading the word about the need for a no kill nation through […]

Mr. J. Enjoying The Holiday

Four Diseases That Target Older Cats (And Their Warning Signs)

Like humans, older cats become eligible for disease that usually won’t show up when they are younger.  Cancer, diabetes, heart problems and other maladies may appear when a cat has put on the years.  It’s important to be able to recognize shifts in behavior or the appearance of warning signs, which is why regular veterinary […]

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