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Red Cross Releases New Pet First Aid App

Ever wish that you had instant access to your vet? Well now you do. The American Red Cross has just released its new pet first aid app. You will find it on Google Play or iTunes for 99 cents.

Today is the 10th Anniversary of National Feral Cat Day!

Please remember our little feral friends on this their special day.  Alley Cat Allies established National Feral Cat Day 10 years ago to draw awareness to the plight of the feral cat.  Of course, it’s a good time to donate to ACA or other feral cat groups!  It’s also a good time to become more […]

Yes, You Can Trim Your Cat’s Claws

I am asked quite a bit about how to trim cat’s claws.  The trick is developing enough trust between you and your cat and respecting the cat’s comfort level.  Here are a couple of good videos that will help you get accustomed to the method and show you that it is possible to clip your […]

September Is National Disaster Preparedness Month

Experts agree that every family should have their own disaster plan and many do.  Unfortunately, many families forget to include their pets in the plan and that’s how they become separated from their pets, sometimes for good. September is National Disaster Preparedness Month, so why not seriously put together a plan to take care of […]

Biggest Reason Cats Are Surrendered To Shelters?

The biggest reason for an owner to surrender a cat to a shelter is not a child developing allergies, their home situation changing, new boyfriend/girlfriend doesn’t like animals, economic troubles, it’s my cat is missing the litter box.  Most times this is a problem that can be corrected.  Typically, it’s because your  cat is having […]

Kennel Cough Is Very Contagious

  Our friend’s pup, Kooks has contracted kennel cough from a local dog park. Poor Kooks, we know how much she likes to play. Unfortunately, this is a common illness due to the fact that kennel cough is a highly contagious form of bronchitis, that dogs can pick up easily from merely greeting another infected […]

Why Are Cat Claws So Special?

Over the last week I have met a few people who think it’s okay to de-claw their cats.  Well, folks it’s a time to explore why cat claws are so necessary to our fuzzy friends. Chicago Cat Rescue just posted an extensive post about the meaning and importance of claws.  Read and learn! “Cats claws […]

I Am Done Scooping Poop!

Well, I’m doing it and you can’t stop me.  My next household purchase is the Cat Genie

Maureen Completes The American Red Cross First Aid Training!

On July 12, 2012 our owner, Maureen completed the American Red Cross first aid training at the Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago.  The class was taught by the extremely knowledgeable Tammie Bouschor, who is a community outreach coordinator and animal welfare advocate for the Anti-Cruelty Society. Some of the things Maureen learned include: -Management of urgent […]

Purina Feed, Mazuri and Lab Diet Pet Food Recalls Expanded

Owners of small and exotic pets: be aware there is an expanded recall for major brands of animal food.  It’s time to pass along the info to folks who own these critters. From today’s Veterinary Practice News: Land O’Lakes and its subsidiary PMI Nutrition International issued a fourth recall of products manufactured at Land O’Lakes’ […]

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