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White Sox Fans, Meet Astro: Adam Dunn’s Goldendoodle

Today’s post is in honor of White Sox designated hitter Adam Dunn and his Goldendoodle Astro. Last night Adam became the first MLB player to hit 30 homeruns this year. Adam is also the only player to have hit more homeruns than singles!  The run came in a game at Sox Park last night against […]

Thursday Diversion: Service Puppy Live Cam

Meet Holly’s Half Dozen.   Six Golden Retriever pups who were born on June 24th and are already doing some very important work — helping to heal the invisible wounds of war.  Recovering military members at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and the National Intrepid Center of Excellence in Bethesda, MD are working to socialize […]

Military Service Dogs On Memorial Day

The US military breeds about 120 puppies each year and there are currently 2,700 dogs serving alongside U.S. troops worldwide. Half the animals are German Shepherds, 25 percent are Belgian Malinois and the other 25 percent are sporting breeds like labs and mutts. The dogs are then trained for the following tasks: Patrol dog: these dogs […]

Quill: Life Of A Guide Dog

Chicago-based film distributor Music Box Films is on a tear lately.  Having brought the super-successful Girl With The Dragon Tattoo to US shores, their next premiere is a Japanese film about a yellow lab named Quill.  In Quill: The Life Of A Guide Dog, we follow a sweet yellow lab through a story of service. […]

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