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Red Cross Releases New Pet First Aid App

Ever wish that you had instant access to your vet? Well now you do. The American Red Cross has just released its new pet first aid app. You will find it on Google Play or iTunes for 99 cents.

Are You A Responsible Cat Caretaker?

Ever wonder if you are doing right by your kitty?  Do you have a friend(s) or family member who wants to give away their cat for what you believe is a silly reason, but aren’t sure if you’re right. It’s not easy sometimes, since your cat doesn’t come with a rule book. Here’s a quick […]

Kennel Cough Is Very Contagious

  Our friend’s pup, Kooks has contracted kennel cough from a local dog park. Poor Kooks, we know how much she likes to play. Unfortunately, this is a common illness due to the fact that kennel cough is a highly contagious form of bronchitis, that dogs can pick up easily from merely greeting another infected […]

Maureen Completes The American Red Cross First Aid Training!

On July 12, 2012 our owner, Maureen completed the American Red Cross first aid training at the Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago.  The class was taught by the extremely knowledgeable Tammie Bouschor, who is a community outreach coordinator and animal welfare advocate for the Anti-Cruelty Society. Some of the things Maureen learned include: -Management of urgent […]

Pet Acupuncture Moves Into The Mainstream

In 1988, the American Veterinary Association approved the ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture as a “alternate therapy” for skin, muscle-bone, respiratory, and stomach problems in animals. While it might sound surprising, this recent piece on verterinary acupuncture in the suburban Chicago Daily Herald suggests the practice is moving into more mainstream territory.  In Illinois, only […]

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