Introducing The Walkies Web Store!

A boxer using a laptop

So THAT’S why dog treat pages are always mysteriously open on your computer when you come home.

Cue the trumpets!  Announcing the grand opening of the Walkies Web Store!

What’s in the store?  Only the good stuff that your pet would order if he or she had thumbs.  From dog treats to cat scratchers to accessories of the finest quality and much, much more, Walkies, Inc is in business with easy web shopping for the very best in Maureen-approved dog and cat stuff.

How Do I Get To The Store?

To get to the store – don’t drive to the mall.  Don’t lug boxes and bags in the car all over the place.  Don’t sit in traffic forever, and don’t fight for a parking space.

Do just select “Store” up at the site top menu, or click here.

And don’t forget to Join Club Walkies for our e-newsletter – packed with special deals, new products and free stuff.

NOTE: In most states, pets are not legally eligible to shop.  Be warned.

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