Save Lives By Fostering A Pet

Foster need animals

Fostering Is Fun!

So, you think you’d like to add a cat or dog to your home, but you just can’t make a lifelong commitment?  Why not open your home to a foster pup or kitty?  Foster homes are the lifeblood of the no-kill, shelter community.  Fostering a pet will allow the no-kill shelters to help another animal, so you’re really helping two animals when you foster.

A large network of foster homes will allow shelters to:

A) Provide kittens and puppies with a safe place, instead of the shelter where they are more susceptible to life threatening illness

B) Help special needs animals who may need additional help such as bottle feeding or recovery after surgery

C)  Socialize their animals so that they are better adoption prospects

C) Network with a group of dedicated neighbors who believe in their mission

D) Get one step closer to a no-kill America

E) Help you decide if you really want a dog or cat to join your family

National organizations like Petfinder and local no-kill shelters, like Tree House in Chicago will always have animals who need foster homes.  You and the shelter will decide what is the best fit for your situation.

Our military personnel who are deployed need foster care their animals too.  Feeling patriotic?  Check out some of these organizations.

We at Walkies have taken in many homeless animals over the years.  We have also found kittens, helped them acclimate to indoor life by caring for their health and socializing them, so a no-kill shelter could place them in a loving home.  Our rate of success has been really high, so we will definitely do it again when the need arises.  Try it, you may like it.


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