October is Adopt a Shelter Pet Month

Did you know that October is adopt a shelter pet month?  Why not go find a friend or two to keep you warm this winter? Walkies supports adopting animals from all types of shelters, stray pets or partially feral animals.  We believe in spreading the word about the need for a no kill nation through […]

Yes, You Can Trim Your Cat’s Claws

I am asked quite a bit about how to trim cat’s claws.  The trick is developing enough trust between you and your cat and respecting the cat’s comfort level.  Here are a couple of good videos that will help you get accustomed to the method and show you that it is possible to clip your […]

Now Available: The Cat Umbrella

Now available at the Walkies Store: The Cat Walking Stick Umbrella.  Because let’s face facts: most cats do hate to get wet.  And when it comes to rain protection, I’d bet a dollar that most cat lovers don’t like to get wet, either. There are exceptions, but most of us not living in landmark 1950s […]

Mac OSX Maru: Power Right Out Of The Box

Obviously we love cats.  And we’re huge fans of Japan’s favorite internet feline, Maru.  But it might not be obvious that we are also Mac nerds.  The Walkies site and store are served using Linux running WordPress, but it’s with Mac that we do the rest of the stuff. To commemorate the release of a […]

For the Love of Kittens 2013 Mini Wall Calendar

For the Love of Kittens 2013 Mini Wall Calendar The pitter-patter of tiny paws and a ball of string race by… A kitten’s energy seems boundless. Then, all at once it stops in its baby tracks, yawns, and snuggles into a tiny ball of fur in your lap or on your chest or against your […]

Petstages Easy Life Hammock and Scratcher (21″ L X 10″ W X 10″ H)

Petstages Easy Life Hammock and Scratcher (21" L X 10" W X 10" H) Petstages Easy Life Hammock and Scratcher This ingeniously designed Petstages Easy Life Hammock and Scratcher creates the perfect perch for kitties to stretch, lounge, scratch and enjoy life! Made with solid corrugated cardboard to satisfy your cat’s urge to scratch, this […]

Lowell Herrero American Cat 2012 Wall Calendar

Lowell Herrero American Cat 2012 Wall Calendar Lowell Herrero’s 25th Edition of American Cat shows off pristine cats and their curious lifestyles. A full sized calendar grid on linen embossed paper. Buy

Pet Acupuncture Moves Into The Mainstream

In 1988, the American Veterinary Association approved the ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture as a “alternate therapy” for skin, muscle-bone, respiratory, and stomach problems in animals. While it might sound surprising, this recent piece on verterinary acupuncture in the suburban Chicago Daily Herald suggests the practice is moving into more mainstream territory.  In Illinois, only […]

ASPCA’s Virtual Pet Behaviorist

Since 1866, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has been fighting the good fight, spreading awareness, influencing law and working to make humane treatment of animals the norm.  ASPCA also employs animal behaviorists to help people better understand their animals and the issues they can have.  This counseling is now available […]

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