Now Available: The Cat Umbrella

Now available at the Walkies Store: The Cat Walking Stick Umbrella.  Because let’s face facts: most cats do hate to get wet.  And when it comes to rain protection, I’d bet a dollar that most cat lovers don’t like to get wet, either. There are exceptions, but most of us not living in landmark 1950s […]

Introducing The Walkies Web Store!

Cue the trumpets!  Announcing the grand opening of the Walkies Web Store! What’s in the store?  Only the good stuff that your pet would order if he or she had thumbs.  From dog treats to cat scratchers to accessories of the finest quality and much, much more, Walkies, Inc is in business with easy web […]

Meet The Clientele: Mona

The report says Mona is a mature kitteh, who likes to talk a lot and loves affection. Which means we should get along fine because that description reminds me of me! Here’s Mona sizing me up upon my arrival. After checking me out, Mona registered approval by jumping on my lap and giving me a […]

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