Today is the 10th Anniversary of National Feral Cat Day!

Feral Cat Day 2012

Support Feral Cats!

Please remember our little feral friends on this their special day.  Alley Cat Allies established National Feral Cat Day 10 years ago to draw awareness to the plight of the feral cat.  Of course, it’s a good time to donate to ACA or other feral cat groups!  It’s also a good time to become more cognizant of the ferals who live near our homes and businesses.

Many ferals are former house cats.  If a stray cat will approach you, rub up against you and eat while you watch them—they are not really feral.  See if they will allow you to capture them and take them to the vet to check them for an identification chip.  Also, please consider setting up a Trap Neuter, Return (TNR) program in your community.  The only way to keep the outdoor cat population down and to ease their suffering is by spaying and neutering them, so they can’t reproduce.

Every year, people in communities across the country hold hundreds of events on National Feral Cat Day to draw attention to the cause and make a difference in the lives of cats.  Please find an event or consider hosting one yourself soon.

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